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The mental photography card trick is one of the easiest card tricks out there but it’s also an extremely impressive trick that leaves most people in awe asking “what the…?”.

Basically the trick creates the illusion that the magician has a blank set of cards with no images on either side of the cards. Then after a quick shuffle and mixing up of the cards the magician is able to turn one of the cards from a blank card back into a regular card complete with a number and illustration on the back. Then the magician is able to turn the whole set of blank cards into regular cards and then even turn them back into blank cards again.

It’s a crazy trick that few people know about and all that you need to perform it is a specially made mental photography deck of cards that’s designed just for this trick and you can get your hands on your own mental photography deck for just $16.95 over at

So how does the mental photography trick work? It’s pretty simple really. The trick deck is actually made up of cards with regular fronts but blank backs and cards with regular backs but blank fronts and these cards stick together.

Use this simple mentalism technique that BLOW blow people’s mind EVERY time…

Mental Photography Deck

Then to reveal card and successfully predict it the magician can just ruffle through the cards and take note of a specific card and then “pinkie break” it. Then the magician can say “such and such card will now come”, tap the deck and then break it where the “pinkie break” is and the card is revealed to the audience.

Then to reveal all of the cards the magician can just flip through the deck from the bottom and because all of the cards with blank fronts are shorter you’ll only see the non blank faces.

To better understand how this trick works and to see the trick in action you can watch the short video below. The person in the video first demonstrates the trick to you so that you can see it in action and then reveals exactly how it’s done so that you can perform it yourself!

Use this simple mentalism technique that BLOW blow people’s mind EVERY time…

So if you want to add this awesome trick to your repertoire and impress your audiences by giving them the illusion that you can magically turn regular cards into blank cards and vice versa then pick yourself up a mental photography deck from today.

These decks are not only extremely affordable but it’s a really easy to perform trick that’ll wow your audiences so it’s perfect for everyone right from the absolute beginner magician through to the seasoned veteran.

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