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Derren Brown Tricks Revealed

Derren Brown is a master illusionist and mentalist who has gained notoriety over the years for performing seemingly out-of-this-world tricks that seem to defy the laws of physics. A lot of people have come to see him as the gold standard when it comes to anything mentalism. However, what these people don’t understand is that Derren’s tricks are all illusions that can be performed by anyone with an average intelligence as well as interest. In this post, we’ll uncover some of Derren Brown’s tricks and how they work.

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The boxers lifting a girl trick

In this presentation, Derren asks a girl to go up the stage where he’s met by two burly boxers. He then asks one of the boxers to lift the girl after she positions herself close to him. He’s unable to do so, supposedly due to him being under hypnosis. He then asks the girl to move closer to the other boxer who successfully manages to life the girl. This trick can be explained through the use of physics. If someone or something is close to you, you are more likely to be able to lift it or them through the simple fact that objects that are nearer exert a smaller amount of force when being lifted compared to objects that are far away.

The cold call psychic trick

Derren is fond of asking people to come up to his stage so he can attempt a spot of divination. For these tricks, he tries to reveal personal details about a person just by looking into their eyes or holding their hands. This could be the death of a family member, an unknown health issue, an estranged wife or husband, or even the sex of an unborn baby. While this trick looks and sounds almost miraculous, the truth is far from amazing. Derren Brown is a master when it comes to Neurolinguistic programming which is simply a way in which you can elicit a certain behavior or figure out something about them without them disclosing the information or pre-determining the behavior you want them to display. Neurolinguistic techniques such as observing someone’s body language, way of dressing and even tonal inflection or mirroring their body language can go a long way in helping a mentalist ask the right questions or seemingly knows something about someone else.

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The BMX bike trick

In this trick, Derren asks a Simon Pegg to make a wish, and then makes him forget the present moment. He then asks Simon what he wanted (this was written on a piece of paper) and if he could reveal his piece of paper. The piece of paper with the wish is then revealed to contain something different, and not the person’s initial wish. This can simply be explained by taking into account a sleight of hand trick that most mentalists usually use to help them replace certain items while distracting the audience with conversation, smoke effects or an interesting question and answer session. At the end of the day, Derren Brown is a master trickster who knows how to use the psychology of masses to elicit a certain response.

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