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Derren Brown Memory Techniques

Memory is an indelible part of the human experience. Not only does you brain’s memory center help you store unforgettable experiences, it also helps you remember where you last left your car keys, or whether or not you turned off the gas when you left your house in the morning. Remembering many things at once or retrieving memories stored in your brain may seem like a daunting task. That being said, there are a few techniques employed by renowned mentalist Derren Brown that can help you expand your memory with a bit of practice.

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The Famous memory palace

Darren Brown has revealed in the past that he isn’t any different compared to the average person when it comes to his memory abilities. He uses a memory technique that involves creating cinematic stories in his mind to remember large amounts of information that is unrelated. According to him, the memory palace is a virtual place in his mind that contains the items he wants to remember arranged in a sequential way. For example, if he wants to remember a green towel, a candle, the name of an audience member, a paperclip, a Motorola phone and the name of an obscure French town, he will create a story that links these items together, all the while making sure to add as much detail as possible..

This can be via adding color to the images in his mind, scents, wind effects, taste and much more. These act as mental cues that can help him pull up information should he find it hard to remember these things. In addition, you might want to choose locations that mean something to you when you’re building your memory palace such as the regular route you take to work every day, your driveway, your bedroom or the backyard. These familiar locations give your memory palace a more personal feel which makes it easier for you to remember the items.

Use this simple mentalism technique that BLOW blow people’s mind EVERY time…

The linking system

A great way of remembering things is by using the linking system which takes two unrelated items and joins them together. This could be, for example, a banana and a corsage, a Porsche and a bedside lamp and so on and so forth. Take these items and create a story linking them together. If you’d like to remember them in a sequential fashion, consider linking the second object of each pair to the next object pair you’re looking to memorize. The trick here is to make sure to practice these pairs until you’re able to effortlessly recite or write them down without getting a pair wrong. This may take time, but it’s much easier than trying to remember items individually.

Lastly, you may want to use your body as a memory device of sorts. This involves placing things that you want to remember on different parts of your body in your mind’s eye. This makes the items relatable since they’re in close proximity, and the good thing about this technique is that you have a wide range of places on your body to place items.

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