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4 Must Try Mental Tricks

It’s often said that the mind is the most powerful organ in the body. That being said, it’s evident from day-to-day interactions that a lot of us aren’t using this organ to the best of our abilities. Mental tricks have been in existence for thousands of years, and they have recently been made popular by David Blaine, celebrity mentalist. In this post, we’ll expose some of the simplest ways you can play mental tricks on people without the experience and expertise needed by the world’s most famous mentalists.

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Use silence to your advantage

People take for granted the power of silence in negotiations and normal conversations. In addition, people usually expect a big announcement or reveal after a long pause in a conversation. If you want to influence people to do something that’s eventually going to be in your favor (business deals come to mind here), speak deliberately and pause every so often. This ensures that you get the full attention of the person or people that you’re talking to, giving you an edge. The trick here is not to overdo it since it may start to look and sound contrived and insincere.

Mimic body language

People are more receptive of whatever you tell them if you are as similar to them as possible. One of the ways you can align yourself with another person’s way of life, culture or dispositions is to mirror their body language. This makes you appear both friendly and non-threatening, and it appeals to the other person’s primal need to feel safe. Long before humans started living in civilized societies, we used to identify each other by body markings, behavior and language as a way of making sure that there were no intruders in the clan who could harm the collective group.

Use this simple mentalism technique that BLOW blow people’s mind EVERY time…

Use Single-mindedness to get what you want

A lot of people are unable to do many things at once since this would make them less likely to perform each task in an effective manner. People are naturally single-minded, and if you know this, you can get what you want from someone without a fight. For example, if you want to sneak into your favorite club without security at the front noticing, consider creating some kind of commotion a few feet away from the door. This will turn the security guy’s attention away from the main door, allowing your friends to easily sneak in.

Use Open-ended questions

People are more likely to be entranced by you and give you what you want if you give them choices. This is because the illusion of choices doesn’t make people feel like they’re boxed in or rushed, making them more receptive and likely to accept whatever it is you’re suggesting. For example, if you’d like your 4-year-old to eat more peas, ask them if they’d like their peas in a green bowl or a red one.

Lastly, make sure you’re always confident if you want to pull wool over people’s eyes. Confidence gives the illusion of expertise, giving you an edge as well as respect from other people.

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