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5 Mentalism Tricks Revealed

Mentalism is a practice that has endured for thousands of years. Clairvoyants, magicians and psychics have all honed their skills by observing human behavior and mirroring it back to them. That being said, not everything can be put down to a simple trick; in some cases, there may not be a logical reason for certain things happening. In this post, we’ll reveal to you some of the best mentalism tricks you can use on your friends and family.

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Spoon Bending

The famous Uri Geller is a well-recognized as a master spoon bender by many across the world. However, his ability to bend metal was all just a ruse that a lot of people fell for. Spoon bending using one’s mind is physically impossible unless you’re a mentalist. Gather a few of your friends and hand them a spoon each. While they are observing the spoon, bend one of yours discreetly, all the while asking them to describe to you their spoon’s characteristics by being very detailed. This will lead to them becoming engrossed in their spoons, oblivious to the fact that you’re bending yours.

Winning an argument

If you’re arguing with someone and would like to come out on top, remain calm. This not only makes you look rational, but it also allows you to pay close attention to whatever it is they are saying so you can use it against them when the opportunity arises. Once you’ve stated your facts, they’re more inclined to see the fault in their ways, conceding defeat.

Getting people to believe a Lie

Not everyone can lie effortlessly, but everyone can take advantage of the power of embarrassment to make their lies believable. If you want people to get on your side when telling a lie, consider adding an embarrassing detail to the lie. For example, if someone asks you if you’re still dating your girlfriend, you can lie and add something to the effect of “we had a great time last weekend hanging out, but the jalapeno peppers she added in the stew we had Sunday ruined my Monday since I spent half of it in the toilet.” This visual image will undoubtedly be the only thing that gets stuck in people’s head and not the lie.

Use this simple mentalism technique that BLOW blow people’s mind EVERY time…

Whispering elicits more whispering

If you’ve always wanted to shut your noisy friend up in social gatherings, you can try whispering something in their ear. Chances are that they’ll whisper a response or answer simply due to your initial response. This can also be a great way of calming down hyperactive children who can’t seem to stop shouting.

Getting help without asking for it

If you’re doing something that you’d rather not be doing and have someone close by who is reluctant to help, consider engaging them in conversation and slowly handing over the task to them as you talk. They are likely not going to offer up any resistance since they’ll be so embroiled in the conversation, they won’t have time to think about what they’re accepting or say no.

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